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FrequentLy Asked Questions

  • Carefully remove the colored piece of tubing that protects the strip.
  • Insert this end into the other end, while being careful that nothing gets caught. 
  • Line up the two holes and insert the brass screw. The hexagon faces up.
  • Use the included 4 mm Allen wrench to push the screw into the plastic and thread it in until flush.
  • Reverse these steps to disassemble the hoop for shipping and travel. Important: Remove the screw closest to the switch. Not the other one!
  • Also check out this video on our instragram: hoop assembly video


Your hoop ships collapsed, but it’s easy to put it together:


Your hoop has one button that does it all!

  • Press the button once to turn it on.
  • Press is again to change to the next mode.
  • Press and hold the button to turn it off.  
  • The hoop displays the battery status while the button is pressed.


Your hoop has internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

  • A USB charging cord is provided with your hoop. When you plug it in you will see blinking red, yellow or green lights while it is charging and 3 steady green lights if it is fully charged.
  • Please take care when inserting the micro-USB cord into the charging port. Be gentle and don’t let the hoop hang from its cord.


Caring for your hoop is important to maximizing its lifetime.

    • Do not allow dirt or water  to get into the hoop. If necessary, cover the switch and the connector screws with tape.
    • Do not store your hoop outside in the sun or very cold temperatures.


    No worries, we’ve got you covered!

    Your hoop is under warranty for one year unless otherwise noted and we will replace it if it breaks under normal use.  Please contact us before sending it in for instructions and shipping materials.

    Got more questions?

    Text or Call: (470) 485-2522 (470 HULALAB)