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"The weight of the hoop is really balanced and responds great to body rolls, wedgies, and tosses alike. I love how there are not any blank battery spots in the lights, and the lights themselves are crazy bright, with a lovely color pallet. I always get frustrated with having too many crazy settings on LED hoops, and I found that this one has all the settings I would want or need. Not to complex, but still very eye catching and impressive."

- Luna Brie aka Luna Breeze, Hula Hoop Performer

"It's beautiful! It's well weighted, balanced and the patterns are super pretty. It hold it's charge well and I love the grip tape on the inside." 

- Valentina Orbit, Performer of Twisted Orbit Circus and The Hoop Unit

"I love it!! It's nice and balanced, feels super yummy."

- Pam Hoops aka Pam Mayer, Hooper for Life

"I like that there aren't **800 thousand** complicated settings, and that I seem to be able to turn it off where I left it set -- and then back on and it will still be at that spot.  For performance, really the two major things have to be 1) when you press the on button it actually comes on -- period (seems sensible, but that hasn't happened a lot with my other hoops), 2) you can set it up ahead of time to come on at a specific light scheme."

- Revolva, Hoop Performer

"The best smart hoop for under $150." Read full review here.

- Sabrina Clark,